KX-TDA200 - The Backbone of Thousands of Companies.

Competitive businesses need communication solutions that can change rapidly. The KX-TDA200 IP PBX helps keep your business on the cutting edge of telephony through the use of ongoing upgradability.

The KX-TDA200 is Panasonic's middle model in their top of the line PBX product line known as the "TDA Series." Most of the cards are interchangeable between other models within the series. Features within the series are nearly identical with only the capacities being different.

The KX-TDA200 was intoduced in the year 2000. Since then, it has undergone four (4) software revisions. Many of these systems have been upgraded to the new KX-TDE series processor, which is our top-of-the-line, most feature-rich processor.

Panasonic KX-TDA200 offers state-of-the art wireless capability designed as part of the system instead of as add-on.

The KX-TDA200 uses only one cabinet. Expansion is possible by switching to the KX-TDA600 or KX-TDE600 system.


The Panasonic IP-Enabled KX-TDA Series business telephony solution combines advantages of traditional telecommunication together with the convergence of IP technology - offering maximum features and flexibility to handle all your corporate communication needs.
- Business Communications Simplified
- Automatic Call Routing
- Cost Cutting Performance
- Reliability
- Build in Call Centre Solutions for Perfect Customer Service
- Enjoy superb mobility whatever your business demands
- Mobile Telephone Integration
- Extending Wireless Communication
- Mobility for Business Productivity
- Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
- Benefits of CTI
- PC Phone Software Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
- PC Console
- Phone Assistant Productivity Application Suite
- Empower Remote Workers using IP Softphone
- Flexible Messaging
- An Affordable System that adds Value to Your Business
- Enhanced Simple Voice Mail (ESVM)
- Intelligent Message Handling
- KX-TVM Key Features
- Integrating Voice and Data Networks
- With Digital Communication

Kapasitas Maxsimum KX-TDA200BX:
- Trunk : 128
- Extension : 128



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